Friday, 6 December 2019

2019/20 Winter Tour and Xmas Stopover. Majal Costa Blanca in Spain

Friday 29th November -  Thursday 5th December 21019   Some 🌞🌞 but also lots of 🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️
Parking Co-ordinates 38.18085, -0.8119

Diving Mask on Apple iOS 13.2For a good part of this week we've been stuck in the van due to inclement weather! On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,  (and through the nights) the rain pelted down unrelentingly causing us to loose sleep and to suffer from cabin fever!   And I'm hardly exaggerating when I say the roads around the campsite became rivers and it was almost impossible to go out without underwater breathing equipment.   Thunder and lightening also visited overnight so napping in the daytime became almost obligatory, and along with that lots of videos, reading and puzzles helped us to pass our time.

However, none of this is very interesting for our readers, and even when the rain stopped we didn't do anything very exciting for me to write about.  But that's not to say we're not enjoying our time here!  On the other days the sun at least showed it's face for some of the time and that enabled us to indulge in a couple of brief mountain excursions and beach walks,  and additionally, we've also been out in the evenings with friends to a couple of social 'do's' and dinner dances!

But with all of the above in mind, and because life here is at such a slow pace where much of out time is spent pottering, chatting and socialising I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find any inspiration for  blogging material, so therefore for the time being, we're going to suspend our story and probably only update when we've actually done something that's interesting enough to tell you about.

So for now, it's goodbye from us and we'll catch up with you all in the New Year (if not before)!!

But just before we go we want to wish everyone reading

A Very Merry Christmas and A Healthy Happy New Year from Us xxx

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