Saturday 16 July 2022

Another Little Holiday in Yorkshire 9th - 15th July Part 4

Another Little Holiday in Yorkshire 9th  - 15th July  Part 4

And that brings us to the end of this 'holiday' and also to the end of an era - but more on that later!!  We've spent this last week visiting grand houses, doing lots of walking, just a little bit of cycling, and on some days we've done nothing much at all!

Saturday saw us visit the nearby Georgian Grade I listed Sewerby Hall which has stunning views over  Bridlington and the coast, and it's a place we've passed by without calling in on many occasions. 

The main part of the house was built between 1714 and 1720 
but was later added to in 1808 and 1830

The rooms themselves were lavishly decorated but for us the best bit was the Wildlife Photography exhibition!

There were loads of brilliant pics, some of which had been taken by children but it seems a bit wrong to take too many pics of pics!

We also had a quick look around the park's zoo where we met Rosie who is an 'old lady' penguin!

Rosie is a Humboldt Penguin who was born on 20th April 1990 and has since reared 3 chicks!
The other bit of interesting info about her is that at 32 she is possibly the oldest Humboldt 
in the world!
But it has to be said, we're really not that keen on zoos so we didn't linger long there!  Instead we nipped into the lovely colourful Walled garden......

........ and then into the very fragrant Rose Garden for lunch........

..........and we also took the time to marvel at the ancient and magnificent Monkey Trees which date back to the 1860s ..........

Later we learned that during a recent storm (2018) one of them had been blown down and it's wood was used to make 'nature plaques' that adorn the sides of the woodland walk way within the gardens.

This was just one of many

Sunday the 10th July was John's birthday so for that special (but very hot 🌞🌞) day we decided to walk from the North to South Landings of the Flamborough Peninsula but to do that we also needed to walk from the campsite through Flamborough, and then at the other end, up through the Danes Dike Nature Reserve.  Therefore, altogether our walk was about 8 miles of spectacular-ness which is very hard to demonstrate in pictures! 

A Replica Lighthouse that we found
on the Coastal Path 

And the Birthday Boy viewed through 
Dashing Blades
The monument represents an ancient dance that would be performed by 8 men where they would interlock wooden  swords of about a yard long in the air 😲 and apparently the most recent re-enactment of it was quite recently in 1977!

During our wanderings on some of the other days we also increased our Puffin Score when we spotted them in Flamborough, Sewerby, and North Landing but out of the 42 along the coast I think we only scored about 10!
Butterfly City at Sewerby

Coasty at Flamborough 

Migration 'The Dance of Life' 
at North Landing
On one of our lazy😴 days (which turned out not to be very lazy) we parked up in the meadow above Thornwick  Bay (North Landing) for the amazingly cheap price of £1.50 for all day!  From there we did a 6 mile there and back walk to the  RSPB Nature Reserve at Bempton, before sitting on the cliff edge in our deck chairs for the rest of the afternoon!

And on our other lazy day (after another long walk along the coast) we sat in Filey Brigg Country Park for a picnic and snooze πŸ’€!

So why is this the end of an era???  Well, after very nearly 7 years our full-time roving and van life is coming to an end because we're in the process of buying a small flat in Allestree that will become our bolt hole for the winter months and also in the summer when sites are really busy.  However, once we've done all our renovations (and lots are needed) we have got some long 'holidays' planned but they will be holidays rather than our current lifestyle.  Therefore, on that note I'm going to bring this blog to a close - but who knows, maybe in the future I'll want to record our excursions  in a new chapter!

So bye for now and thanks for reading πŸ˜—πŸ˜—