Hello and welcome to our Motorhome Adventure Site.

March 2015

As a pre-amble we'd like to share with you the back ground as to why we have chosen this new motor-home life style. When our children were young we often took them camping in what they may now call 'god forsaken locations', and in all sorts of weather! We often had adventures of exploration which were sometimes verging on endurance, and we called these 'Holidays'. Since they've flown the nest we've continued in this vane, developing our love of hiking and cycling. These expeditions included some long distance cycle routes including C2C, Way of the Roses, Coast and Castles, The Isle of Mann and back home, a coastal tour of Cornwall and a few Cols in the Pyrenees. On these journeys we've sometimes camped or stayed in B&Bs, either as a couple or with our dear friends Sharon and Paul.  

However, since the grey hair and aches and pains have taken over, we now need a more comfortable place to rest our weary bones after our adventures, hence the advent of 'The Tardis', (this is what we are calling our new motorhome). Why The Tardis? Well, our little space houses a full kitchen, a fully functional bathroom, a mostly sunny dining room, a very spacious lounge and a huge comfortable bed, and additionally, it has swallowed all our possessions with the greatest of ease.

Our ultimate goal is to sell our house and live in the motorhome full time, but for now, we are busy sorting and selling our possessions and I'm working my notice prior to retirement so that we can join " The Grey Nomads " full time.

Update March 2017

We did eventually achieve our goal, but not until September 2015 - so now we've been living full-time in 'a' van for 18 months! I say 'a' van, because The T4rdis has been upgraded to 'T4rdis2', mainly so that all our belongings, including our bikes (which have also been upgraded to Electric), can be housed inside. Since we set off we've spent time in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic and Netherlands, and we've also briefly visited Austria, Poland and Belgium. Additionally, our list for the near future includes The Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway - so our nomadic life-style is likely to continue for a while yet!


  1. Hi there,
    Note that you are/were on the new Air in Rosas. Have Google mapped it and it shows a photograph of the barrier and beyond that a very crowded fire. We are headed to Rosas this weekend and wondered how crowded it would be. We travel with our two cats so need to be careful as to the actual situation "on the ground". It would help us immensely if you could give us a quick "heads-up" on this Aire please. Take care and safe and happy motor homing, Glenys and Fred Chase

  2. Hi Fred and Glenys, We just stayed for one night on the Roses Aire (21st November), and when we were there it was fairly quiet and with plenty of pitches to choose from. The ground is all sand and if it's wet it can be a bit 'muddy', and you need to take care which pitch you choose because there is a lot of traffic noise on the ones that boarder the road. Also getting in is a bit of a faff because on your first visit you have to use the automated machine to register (with your name, address and passport number) and to choose which pitch you want to occupy. The basic cost for a pitch is 12 euros but there are also additional charges for EHU and water (another 3 euros each), and all of the above has to be paid by card on entry. Hope that helps but if you want to know anything else just drop me another line.

    Safe travels, all our best, Lin and John