Saturday, 12 September 2015

Our Chickens Have Finally Hatched!

Our Chickens Have Finally Hatched!!  (just a quick update)

Friday 11th September 2015

YIPPEE !! It has finally happened and we have sold our house, but I would like to tell you the whole story...

We returned from Tissington on Thursday around lunchtime and we were still unsure if the sale was going to complete or not.  However, we were still hopeful so we continued to move the last of our belongings to their new homes in either our daughters or John's Mum's garages.

We were finally informed at about 3pm that the move was on, so at that time, we redoubled our efforts to get finished, and by 8pm the house was completely bare!!    That said, we still had to sleep there on Thursday night, and although we brought the mattresses in from the van, we both passed another uncomfortable night on the floor.

We were both glad to see daylight, and because we'd slept so little we were up quite early, (not sure if it was discomfort or excitement),  so it turned out to be a very long day indeed. Our buyer also wanted to make an early start, because as a result of all the messing about, he had decided to move his stuff himself and he had been told he had to vacate his own property by 1pm.  He'd already brought some stuff up the night before and left it in our garage, but at about 8.30 he arrived with another load, and by 1pm the garage and the yard in front of it were full.  Then the waiting started, and it was a good job it was a nice day because the waiting took a very long time indeed, and that was because we couldn't let him put anything into the house because the money still hadn't arrived with our solicitor.   We all took up residence on our patio to await the final go ahead, but it wasn't forthcoming, and by 2pm everyone was becoming very twitchy, and when our buyers solicitor rung to say there was a problem 'but we shouldn't worry' we all become even more concerned.

At about 3pm the solicitor phoned to say the problem was related to the fact that the person at the bottom of the chain's money was lost somewhere in the banking system! and that if it wasn't found by 3.30 they wouldn't be able to sort it out till Monday!!  To cut a long story short the money turned up at the last minute and all the transfers took place so everybody could move in or, in our case,  OUT!!

We took our leave with a huge sigh of relief and made our way to The Firs Caravan Site at Belper for our first night of proper FREEDOM, and to help us celebrate we invited Sarah, Paul and Thomas over for tea.   Sarah and Paul had been very good to us while all the ' your moving, your not moving' had been going on, and fed us several times so today was a lovely opportunity to return the favour.

They arrived at the site at about 5.30 with a bottle of fizz and we all very much enjoyed sitting outside in the evening sunshine, and then retiring to the Tardis for dinner.

Thomas also enjoyed playing with Grandad's Cycling Troll, and as all children do,  he disrobed him and thought flashing his bottom was funny!!

Not sure who is the most Cheeky!

Saturday 12th September

Today we are setting off on our month long tour of Devon and Cornwall, but we had quite a late start as we spent most of the morning sorting out lots of admin concerning our change off (or lack off address)

We finally hit the road around 11.30 and made our way The Warren Farm Campsite at Brean Sands (didn't quite make it as far as Devon).  It's absolutely huge and maybe not the usual sort of place we would choose, but we have found a pitch on the edge of the site and far away from all the razz-a-ma-taz, so we are actually quite happy.  We plan to stay for 2 nights and do a little exploring over the next couple of days, so fingers crossed, that the sun will shine for at least some of the time x

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