Thursday, 29 October 2015

Our 3rd Grandchild is here so We'll soon be off on Our Travels Proper!

Our 3rd Grandchild is here so We'll soon be off on our Travels Proper!

25th October 2015

They finally did it!  Little Evelyn May was born by Cesarean Section at 7.55am  on 25th October weighing in at 8lb 10oz, and she's absolutely beautiful.  Her Mum and Dad had to wait quite a while for their lovely daughter to put in her premier appearance but now she's here they are both absolutely besotted with her (as are we all), and very soon it will be time for them all to go home and settle down to family life.

Time for a cuddle with teddy

This is little Evelyn following her first bath - I think they must have worn her out - she looks very content and peaceful.  However Ben tells me she's found her lungs, so at times she is very much making her presence felt

Our last few days in England have been spent visiting our family, and  in particular, our children and grandchildren.  Sadly, our middle son Adam, his partner Vicky and our Grandson Jack are away on their own holiday so we had to say goodbye to them a week ago, but they look as if they're having a brilliant time seeing Cheddar Man in the caves at Cheddar Gorge (a very old family joke), along with pretending to be  meerkats and posing with this rather large chap!

And I think Adam was very pleased when his new niece was born on his birthday - what a fantastic present.

Happy Birthday Adam xx
Yesterday (28th)  we spent some of the early afternoon  with John's Mum where we were joined by his sister Val and her husband John.  They've been motorhomers for many years and were able to offer advise and tips to help us on our way.  Later we popped over to see my brother Pete who plied us with one of John's favourites - Cherry bakewells, and then it was time to sell our little car - an experience that turned out to be quite traumatic due to the constant inane 'banter and chatter' (not) from the person who we had the misfortune to be doing the deal with.  We were very glad to escape and as we got what we expected (money wise) for it we weren't disappointed.  Our evening then  improved as we spent it with our daughter Sarah, Paul and Grandson Thomas, and there was much laughter when Thomas and John entertained us all with their conversations in 'clanger' language - I thought John was meant to be leaning French!

And today (29th) we spent the afternoon with Ben, Louise and little Evelyn.  Our little Granddaughter  went out for her first walk with Mummy and Daddy in her pram, and both before and afterwards there were lots of cuddles all around.

It was very precious time, and along with lots of smiles came a few tears on my part regarding the trauma of leaving everybody behind, however, this adventure has been in the planning stage for nearly a year now, and as winter and cold weather are fast approaching the time has come when we can no longer delay our departure.

Tomorrow we plan to travel down south to Newhaven to catch the Saturday ferry over to Dieppe so that we can start our adventure proper.  We've no real clear plans re what we're going to do when we get over to France, but we/I have been reading several other 'full-timers' blogs, so our vague itinerary is to follow in their tyre tracks, maybe taking the next month to get down to the South of France and into Spain.  We hope to be able to maintain our blog on at least a weekly basis via any means possible short of pigeon post, and as we've got an unlocked EE modem and iboost, along with our 3 'feel at home access', we should hopefully be able to log on occasionally to let our friends and family know how we're doing.   And as a last resort we could always go to McDonalds!

So farewell for now, and the next time I write this blog maybe I'll have to use a few French words just to confirm we've really arrived!

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