Sunday, 3 January 2016

We Missed New Year

We Missed New Year 2016


A bit of a damp squib really!  I woke up  I'd been awake for most of the night and felt quite poorly with an infection, so our evening plans, which included another visit to the Chinese Buffet,  were very quickly aborted.  We spent the day in the T4rdis with me alternately sleeping and moaning, but the magic of antibiotics soon had me sorted and by New Years Day I was feeling much better.  However, maybe we'd had a lucky escape with regard to the Chinese Buffet - our friends told us that the evenings entertainment consisted of an 'Awful Elvis Act' - the worse they'd ever seen - so we were probably much better off being tucked up in our beds by 10.30, and even though  fireworks had been going off all around at midnight, we never heard a thing.

Neither did we stir to eat grapes!  Apparently it's a tradition here to eat 12 grapes at midnight but you have to be quick.  The rule is that you stuff one in at each chime and fingers crossed you don't choke, and I'm not sure what you do about kissing if your mouth is full of grapes!


Well, it was a good job I felt better because we decided to go for a little walk - it wasn't far but it was steep and rugged in places, and although I'm well aware I shouldn't moan about the weather - it was blazing hot in the full sun as we climbed.

The View from the bottom but we made it right to the top - only about 300 metres all up!
We found this about half way up - someone must have been there before us!

And when we got to the top the 360 degree views were stunning.



We sat for a while and partook of some refreshment, and then we made our way back down and spent the afternoon sitting on the beach reading and dozing in the sunshine.

2nd and 3rd January 2016

Not much to report really - We've done a bit of cycling, a bit of relaxing, a bit of getting ready to move onto our next destination, and more socialising!  Oh, and we went out for a very nice meal at an English restaurant called Elliott's where John managed to fulfil his need for delicious fillet steak - seared on the outside and bloody in the middle.  

The cycling was only a repeat of what we'd done earlier - a 36km ride to La Azohia - but this time we rode on the beach and also over some rough ground that allowed me to practice my mountain bike skills a bit more, happily without falling off!

Tomorrow (4th) we're going to move on (after our 18 night stay here) to a Park area called Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Nijar where they filmed films such as Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, so we're very much looking forward to more walking and cycling in a beautiful scenic area, hopefully in the warm sunshine to which we have become accustomed.

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