Monday, 25 April 2016

What Have we Been up to in the last Week!

What Have we been up to in the Last Week!

Tuesday 19th - Monday 25th April 2015

Well what have we been up to?  For the last week we've been parked up at Riddings Wood near Ironville, and while we've been there we've done a bit more visiting, a bit of T4rdis spring cleaning, a bit of planning for our next jaunt, a bit more shopping, and quite a lot of catching up with telly programmes! (I'm a self confessed  Eastenders addict and I had about 30 episodes to watch).

Poor John hasn't been very well!  He's had 'man flu', so some of his time has been spent taking it easy and recovering - but happily, he's much better now.

But I think our main highlight of the week was a family BBQ  on Saturday that we hosted up at Carsington Water.  It had been planned for quite a while, and almost on a daily basis, for a full week before, I had been scrutinising the weather forecast and keeping my fingers crossed that Mrs Sun would be kind to us on the day - and to some extent, she was!

Our first mission therefore on Saturday morning was to buy lots of food and some fuel to cook it with, and luckily, despite the fact that I knew there are stone built barbecues at our venue, I brought the disposable kind!  The stone ones turned out to have no grills, and were mostly in such a state that I would't have put food anywhere near them!


Anyway, by the time we got there (midday), Adam, Ben and their families had been there for a while, and Jack had already had several adventures on the adventure play park - along with ice cream, hot chocolate and several other treats.


It was however, very COLD, especially for little Evelyn, and everybody else had extremities that were starting to look a little blue!

And Thomas

Therefore, we decided to adjourn to the T4rdis and set our barbecues up at the side of the van, thus providing a wind break for those outside, and also a warm haven for baby feeding!  And we also had 'Tom and Jerry blasting off to Mars' on the telly to entice Thomas and Jack inside for a warm. Mind you, I think we could just have relied on the toilet  - the novelty of using the T4rdis loo resulted in a huge number of little wees!

In the end, everybody came into the van, and the T4rdis really did earn it's title!  We all sat snuggled up eating our lovely savoury feast, and then later, the huge individual pavlovas that Vicky had made.

Starting left front: Paul, Ben, Adam, Louise, Vicky, Jack, John, Thomas, Sarah and little Evelyn - it's not very often I get them all together!

And the icing on the cake - although it was very cold the sun did manage to glimmer through quite a lot and it didn't rain.

Yesterday (Sunday) we cycled over to see my brother Pete - it was the first outing for our bikes for quite a while, however, with our new much more comfortable saddles, the 15 mile round trip was very enjoyable.

It was also lovely to see my big brother again after nearly 6 months, and as usual, he d brought lots of treats for us in the way of cakes and chocy biscuits, along with John's favourite cherry bakewells.  He also supplied us with lots of  music and telly entertainment that will keep us occupied over the coming weeks - episodes of 'Strictly' that we'd missed while we were away, along with some Star Trek and a few films and books.

Today, (Monday) we've moved to the Teversal Caravan and Camping site and we plan to spend the next couple of days with our bestist friends - Sharon and Paul.  We're going to go cycling on both days - with our recent lack of indulgence in that department I hope they're kind to us with regard to distance!

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