Sunday, 1 January 2017

Over the Christmas Period

17th December 2016 - 1st January 2017

Hello again - and the first thing I'd like to say in A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE AND WE HOPE 2017 IS HAPPY AND BRINGS JOY TO ALL x

I suppose you could say it's all over now for another year and we can all get back to doing the more usual and mundane things - however for us this time has been very precious because it has been spent partying with our families.   And although we've slightly over indulged and now  have bulging waist lines, we've thoroughly enjoyed being with our Children and Grandchildren, as well as Mum and our Brothers and Sisters over the holiday period.
Jack, Me, Louise, Ben and Evelyn, Vicky and Adam
The main get togethers  started on the 21st December when all of our family descended at our Son Adam and Vicky's house, and  where we were treated to a fantastic tea as well as numerous games - one of which was 'Santa Bashing' (a pinata) but he couldn't have been watching because he still delivered very generously to all the children on THE BIG DAY🎅

The next party was at John's Mum's house where all our extended family gathered to fulfil the tradition of meeting up and exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve.  It is also here that we often get to meet new additions to our family for the first time, and  learn of ones that are on the way!

Sister in Law Val having
a go on my bike.
This year we met 9 month old baby Anastasia who belongs to our Niece Carly and James - she is beautiful and John's Mum's 7th Great Grandchild - but that number is quickly expanding with 3 more on the way in the first part of 2017.
Everyone crowded into Mum's (Rose's) little sitting room and when the parcels started to be unwrapped the floor all but vanished, and with 4 boisterous excited children pinging about the noise level increased by a number of decibels that almost required 👂defenders!  But then our daughter Sarah (who just happens to be a nursery manager) waded in and suggested that they should all draw a picture for 🎅, thus resulting in a modicum of noise reduction and plenty of healthy competition as they all strived in their efforts to win the 'prize'.

Luckily we had one for everyone and they all did so well that a 'draw' was declared.  Then it was time for a sing song and their little voices where raised in traditional Christmas songs - but it's quite amazing how young they are when they learn the naughtier variations!

I'm not sure what they
were singing but I'm sure
they were merry!

Then the big day arrived and we were soon up and down at Sarah and Paul's house to help with lunch for 12, however we had been very organised and done most of the preparation the day before so cooking it all was the least stressful it could have been!

And in the end it was a wonderful day - we got to see our grandchildren open some of their presents, we got to play and join in all the fun and games and we got to spend time with all off the people who are most precious to us.  And finally, after such a lovely day we got to cycle home on our new E-Bikes - luckily we were only very mildly tipsy and we just managed to get back before the rain started so it was a whole day of win win😁!

Thomas dressed as a Pokemon and playing
his new keyboard
And Jack as Darthvader with his
Light Saber - duck everyone!

And Little Evelyn with her Princess Castle

Boxing day saw us visiting my Brother Pete - another journey that we undertook on our bikes, but as we were able to do this in the sunshine it was a very enjoyable outing.  Pete had prepared a little feast of goodies for us so our over indigence continued - but at least we could tell ourselves that our ride might burn off some of the extra calories!

And since then - well, on the 28th we collected another little hire car in which we have continued to tootle around visiting our family.

On the 30th we  nipped up the M1 to Sheffield to spend time with Ben and grand-daughter Evelyn, and on the 31st we popped over to 'baby'sit Grandson Jack while his Mum and Dad went kitchen shopping.

Then it was home for a candlelit steak dinner, and although we didn't do anything exciting, we did stay up to see the New Year in and to drink a toast to our ongoing 'journey' in 2017.

We've just got a few more days here now before we pack up and batten down the hatches in readiness for our tour down south - first we're off to Wales where we plan to stay in Pembroke and the Mumbles, and then we've booked into several sites in Devon, so fingers crossed the British winter will be kind.

Anyway, that's all for now but please make sure you have a Great 2017 😙