Thursday, 24 May 2018

Our Scandinavian Tour - Day 13 - 16

Monday 21st May 2018  ⛅⛅⛅⛅, still nice and warm but a bit windy
Mileage 150 from Broager to Faaborg on Funen Island.
Parking Place Coordinates 55.11698, 1024496

This morning we left Broager Strand Campsite and headed for the bridge that would take us over to Denmark's main middle Island - Funen, and on the way it was our intention to top up our LPG (gas) tank, because we'd read that it can be a bit of a scarce commodity on these islands.  However, things didn't go quite as planned because the first fuel station we stopped at was closed for the bank holiday and the second one was a bit inaccessible for our big bus!  But it didn't really matter because we'd still got half a tank and while we're staying on campsites  (as you have to in Denmark) our consumption is low because we have electric hook up.

On the advice of our friendly Danish neighbours we headed for the south part of Funen were they explained  the terrain would be more hilly, natural and beautiful,  and to get there we crossed over The Old Little Belt Bridge which spans the Little Belt strait.  Apparently it was the first bridge to have been constructed over the strait and it passes from Snoghoi on the Jutland side to Middlefart on Funen.
Our Coffee Perch

Our neighbours had suggested that we might like to stay on a small island called Helnaes which is connected to the mainland by a causeway, but because the island was so tiny John was worried that the roads may be narrow and difficult to negotiate in T4rdis2 so we decided just to visit for lunch and to park in an area  just after 'coming ashore' on the island.  Apparently, this area is quite well known for fishing, especially for the abundance of sea trout and salmon that are caught there, but even though there were quite a few anglers lining the crossing nobody seemed to be having much luck while we were watching!

After lunch we continued on our way and it took us about another hour to reach our target which is the Faaborg campsite that is situated just a short distance from the town of the same name.  Our initial intention was just to stay a couple of nights but after browsing through the info provided by the owner we've already decided to stretch that out to possibly 4 - when you land in a lovely place there really isn't much point in rushing off.

Can You Spot T4rdis2?

Tuesday 22nd May 2018  🌞🌞🌞🌞 all day!
0 driving Miles
25 cycling miles.

This morning we took our bikes out for an exploration of this lovely area, and in doing so we did a bit of a figure of 8.  We left the campsite (which is marked with the blue icon) and headed for Bojden which is the place that we could have caught a ferry to if we hadn't chosen to cross over the Little Old Belt Bridge yesterday.

Once we got there we paused on the beach for our first break,  and not only were we enchanted by the magnificent sea views and nearby port, we were also entertained by  2 seagulls and an oyster catcher.  The gull had built it's nest in the corner of a building and was diligently sitting on her eggs, however, the oyster catcher had obviously spied them and was screeching from above - and I think if the gull had let her guard down even briefly her eggs would have been very quickly poached!

Our route then took us from Bojden via Horne to Dyreborg but while we were in Horne there were two interesting things to note.   The first was the beautiful old church that stands high on a hill with a 360 degree vantage point over the whole village.

It was originally established in the late Middle Ages and was founded as a Catholic place of worship, but more recently it's changed hands and now belongs to The Church of Denmark.  The other thing of note were the Bee Hives!  One was situated just outside somebody's house and a notice indicated that you could help yourself to honey for a small fee!  When I lifted the lid I expected to see a writhing mass of honeycombs but it seemed that the bees had very kindly placed their produce into jars to prevent any sticky situations!🐝🐝🐝🐝

Another Dining Room
On the way we spotted this pair and
pretended they were us!
John said 'jump' - but I thought better 
not cos I might flatten him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!
By now the time was fast approaching lunchtime so from Horne we headed directly towards Dyreborg where we plonked ourselves on another beach with fantastic views of the island of Lyo which is  part of the Archipelago that surround this area of Funen.  We lingered there for a while watching various people taking a dip in the cooling blue waters, but rather than do that we decided to push on because we needed to  make a trip to the Mecca for all motorhomes - its nearly always identified by it's blue and gold signage and it is of course  Lidl!

Now this was our first shopping trip since we've been in Denmark and I didn't really know what to expect - and when we got there our first 'problem' presented itself!  I hadn't got any coins to insert into the trolley - but a very kind Danish lady recognised our issue and rushed up to give me a token!  Once inside the shop I was quite expecting things to be quite pricey because I'd read that the cost of living is about 20% higher than in the UK, but mostly I was quite pleasantly surprised  because many things were on a par, and some (including alcoholic beverages) were cheaper! Therefore, a small amount of beer was chucked into the trolley and after our bill was paid we trundled home to sip it while indulging in a bit more sun bathing!

Wednesday 23rd May 2018 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
Only a few walking miles today

A black squirrel playing on the campsite!
Today we opted just to have a short walk up into the Svanninge Hills which are accessible directly from our camp site.  In Denmark these are referred to as Funen's Alps and it seems that they originated from a glacier of the last Ice Age, but since then  areas of them have attracted mysterious names such as  The Coffin Lid!  Today they are crisscrossed by numerous paths for sports that range from horse riding, mountain biking, orienteering, and, hiking - and of course, it was the latter that we participated in, and all along our way not only were we presented with magnificent views but also smells!   And NO it wasn't any of Denmark's 28,000 ,000 pigs but rather the wonderful cascades of lilac with a bit of vanilla thrown in from the bright yellow broom.

You can just about see part of the Archipelago from the top of Lerbjerg.
Our target for today was Lerbjerg which is the highest point within the 465 hectare park and one which lies at a height of a mere 126 metres, but from there we could see a great deal of the Southern Funen archipelago and we later learnt that if we'd looked we might have been able to see the city of Odense which lies in the North West part of the island.

Even the little chap on the right didn't put us off wanting a sample
of their fine steak!

Us at the Top of the Hill
On our way up we also met up with some of the Welsh Black cattle that have lived in Wales for over a 1,000 years, and we almost had a close encounter that I much preferred not to have!  On our way back John had wanted to take a different track to make our walk into a circular - but when I spied the bull waiting at the bottom of the slope πŸ˜“πŸ˜± I decided we should about turn and go back the way we'd come - John just rolled his eyes and called me a wimp!

Spot the Bull!
Apparently 18 heifers and one breeding bull (without horns)  were brought to the Svanninge area several years ago to rejuvenate the sandy land and now there are many more who's meat is much sort after.  The campsite advertise it for sale but unfortunately at the mo they haven't got any - we're just keeping our fingers crossed that they might have a delivery before we leave!!

While we were out we also took advantage of a gazebo type shelter that had been set up beside a lake to provide shade.  As we sat very quietly we were treated to sightings of quite a few water birds nesting and also to the tuneful songs of many more that were hiding in the trees - it was an idyllic and tranquil spot and a place that it was very easy to while away half an hour.

Can you see the goose?
Our outing only took just over 2 hours so when we got home we'd still got quite a bit of time to while away, and we did debate if we should go out on our bikes into the town of Faaborg, but in the end we decided to just get a few chores done (laundry for me and servicing the bikes and cleaning some of the dead bodiesπŸœπŸ•·️ πŸœ πŸ•·️ 🐜off the van for John).  We'll save Faaborg for tomorrow!

Thursday 24th May 2018  🌞🌞🌞 but with a bit of a breeze
20 cycling miles today.

This morning we left T4rdis2 and headed for Fjellebroen Havn Port but on the way we passed by some signage that quite amused our little minds.

I'm sure you can make our what the translation is!!

Our ride was over more undulating countryside where fields of corn rippled in the breeze and birds tweeted gaily as they went about the arduous task of gathering enough food for their young, and more lovely flowers presented themselves with sweet aromas and colours.  After about 10 miles we reached the Port but it was quite small and not quite what we were expecting, and as the time was only about 12.15 we postponed lunch and just sipped a cooling bottle of water and munched an apple while we sat and watched the many yachts bobbing about in their moorings.

We then about turned and headed for the Nab beech and it was there in the wonderful setting of white sand and clear blue waters that we partook of our lunch, and once that was gone we indulged in a bit of sunbathing with other semi clad persons.

Where's Wally?
Later we retraced our steps further and soon found ourselves in the town of Faaborg which can trace it's history back to at least 1229, and it seems that the port has been there more or less since then - but now a marina has been added as well.

Apparently, in times gone by the King of the city gave it to his Portuguese daughter in law, and from that time trading boomed and many merchants who sold their goods all over the world settled in the area thus resulting in the town having lots of beautiful architecture that dates back over the centuries.  We wandered through the main Ostergade (shopping precinct), and then onto the sea front where we paused for another break while we overlooked a huge floating 'lido'.   There we watched kids jumping off the top stage into the sea, as well as people participating in crabbing, and many more just relaxing in the sunshine.

However, we didn't linger to long because tomorrow is another moving day so we'd still got a bit of planning to do to find our next venue - but once again, that will be another story.

Bye for now πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

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