Tuesday, 27 November 2018

We're nearing our final Destination in Spain.

Thursday 22nd November 2018 ⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅
Mileage 167 Miles from Roses to Cambrils
Parking Co-ordinates 41.06549, 1.0457

This morning as we left Roses we had to decide if we were going to take the fast AP7 toll road or should we opt for the much slower but free route that Mrs Snoopy said would take us two hours longer!  The former won without any argument because the very kind 'Gillet Jaune'  (see previous post) had allowed us a free ride yesterday along over 100 miles of French motorway so our 'toll' pot was still quids in!

Therefore we reached Cambrils and had parked up on the La Llosa Campsite by lunch, and once again we had to be very careful that the sharp spiky trees didn't do T4rdis2 any serious injury!! 

Then once lunch had been consumed we still had plenty of time left for an afternoon stroll along the sea front where Mr and Mrs Mermaid were still waiting to greet us as we went!

However, sadly today the promenade wasn't quite as welcoming as we remembered.  It looked as if bad weather had caused mayhem with lots of  puddles, tree debris and other grubby stuff littered about, and nearly all the businesses were  closed up tight so it didn't really feel inviting at all.  But while we were out the sun was shining and it provided the leg stretch we needed so it certainly wasn't all bad!

Friday 23rd November 2018  ☂☂☁☁☁⛅☁
Mileage 98 from Cambrils to Grau near Benicassim
Parking Co-ordinates 39.97995, 0.02284

After quite a bit of rain overnight, today has been a mostly cloudy, but much better is forecast for the next few days so we're just keeping our fingers crossed that the predictions are right!  We've moved onto a fairly tightly packed Aire at Grau which is only a nice length bike ride along  a sea front track to one of our favourite places along this coast - and that's Benicassim!  We've not opted to stay in Benicassim on this trip because that would have meant booking onto a campsite, but it didn't seem quite right not to at least pay it a visit, so over the next couple of days (while we're parked here) we plan to do just that.

Last time we were in this area we parked on an unofficial Aire in front of a small air field and we were right opposite the beach, however we've read that recently vans have been moved on from there by the police.  So rather than risk any problems  we've settled for the official space that provides all the services we need along with free wifi - only draw back is that your only supposed to stay for 48 hours but we want to be here for 3 days, therefore we might move back to the airfield parking on Sunday - we'll see!

The Cycle track that will lead us to Benicassim

Saturday 24th 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞and Sunday 25th ⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅November 2018
Saturday 22 🚴🚴miles and Sunday 🚢🚢miles

Well it's 4pm on Sunday now, and so far the only caller we've had has been a man trying to sell us a huge bag of oranges!  Therefore, we think it's quite unlikely that we'll get moved on so our plan is to stay in our snug little parking space and continue with our journey in the morning!

Our View from our free parking spotπŸ˜€

So what have we been doing while we've been here?

Yesterday in lovely warm sunshine we released our bikes from the van and peddled 22 miles (there and back) along the magnificent mostly seafront track that took us all the way through Benicassim and onto El Balco.

However, once we arrived in Benicassim we opted to abandon the cycle way, and instead walk along the very pretty pedestrian only sea front promenade that is backed by numerous beautiful stately villas.

The Police stopped me for cycling along here on our last visit - so this time we walked!
But plenty of others ignored the rule!
We paused there for coffee and then resumed our ride on the 'Greenway of the Sea'  - a trail that follows an old railway line through cuttings and long tunnels while providing fantastic views of the wild and natural coast between Benicassim and El Balco.

Then once we'd drank in all that we about turned and treated ourselves to lunch in Benicassim before a final peddle homewards.

Sunday wasn't quite so warm and the sun intermittently played hide and seek in the few scudding clouds that were about,  but we still enjoyed plenty of warm rays as we pottered out for a walk in the same direction that we'd ridden the previous day.  And we had lots of company - runners, bikers, walkers, in line skaters parachuters and even one group down on the beach in a horse and trap!

That's not me but I wished it had of been!

Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th November 2018 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
Mileage 186 miles from Benicassim to Marjal Camping near Crevillent (Alicante)
Parking Co-ordinates 38.18085, -0.8119

On Monday we drove 186 miles mostly along free motorway but with very strong cross winds impeding our progress - in fact at times with tumble weeds blowing across the road, it almost felt as if we were going to be scooped up and twirled off to the land of Oz! 

However, after shopping and re fuelling with both LPG and diesel (£1.10 a litre) we arrived at the HUGE Marjal Costa Blanca site in the early afternoon, and after settling into our allocated pitch the first thing we did was nip back to the reception to complain!!  And why was that?  Well there was a tree bang in the middle of our allocated space and although it didn't bother John too much it was certainly irritating me because it meant we had to park on a wonk!  But it wasn't a problem because the very helpful English speaking reception staff very quickly allocated us an alternative south facing pitch which we snuggled into and now we're enjoying sunshine from early morning until it sinks below the tree line at about 5.30 in the afternoon.

Tuesday morning was spent catching up on jobs we'd neglected whilst we'd been travelling - all boring stuff like laundry, cleaning and removing layers of dust from our bikes!  But in the afternoon we opted for a bit of an exploration of where we've landed, and as I said earlier the site is massive!!   The saying that 'It takes all sorts' certainly applies here!   Rigs range from fairly normal caravans and motorhomes like ours to mega 5th wheels and other very large vehicles with encampments around them that include sheds, gazebos for dining areas, kitchens, gardens and also some very impressive or amusing ornamentations! 

The perimeter of the site is over a mile long and walkers and runners regularly use it as part of their exercise regimes, and additionally there is a spa, a gym and 3 ginormous swimming pools (both indoor and outdoor)!

So as we're here for 6 weeks, and also part of The Caravan and Camping Club Rally I don't think we'll be lacking in things to do!  We've already booked for Christmas Dinner and several other evening entertainments, and John has been scheming as to where he's going to take me for several 'excursions' but I'll have to tell you about them next time!

Bye for now 😚😚